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“Blues Magic” art by Dave Ambrose; photos by Jennifer Noble. This image famously served as CBG's logo for 12 years and was seen all over the world.

L to R: Lonnie Brooks, Lil' Ed, Billy Branch, Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor. (Copyright: February 2008, Chicago Blues Guide LLC)

Chicago Blues Guide is a complete guide to Chicago’s current blues scene. The Guide section contains listings for Chicagoland’s blues clubs, bands, radio shows, record labels and links. The webzine features plenty of photos, news and features on what’s happening in the home of the blues, including interviews, events, DVD and CD reviews, and live blues reviews.

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Chicago Blues Guide, which made its debut in 2008,  is run by contributors who volunteer their time and talent because they love the blues. Like the Blues Brothers, we’re on a “mission from God” to keep the blues alive and well in Sweet Home Chicago…World Capital of the Blues.


Our goal is to promote and preserve Chicago’s blues music and culture in all of its forms, from traditional to contemporary blues, soul and R&B.


We strive to unite Chicago’s blues community and to connect with blues fans all over the world who share our enthusiasm for the city’s great blues music and heritage. We also hope to inspire a younger listening audience for the next generation who will enjoy and carry on this worthy musical tradition that is, indeed, the root of nearly every form of music that is popular today.


As the late, great Muddy Waters once said, “The blues had a baby, and they named the baby rock and roll.”


Every day is a good day for the blues!


Chicago Blues Guide is published by Chicago Blues Guide LLC

Founder/ Managing Editor: Linda Cain

Photography Director: Jennifer Noble

Art Director & Website Consultant:  Kate Moss, Moonshine Design


Contributors:  Bill Dahl, Hambone, Tim Holek, Eric Steiner, Dave Glynn, Stephanie Schorow, Liz Mandeville, James Porter, George Kalamaras, David McGee, Mark Baier, Michael Kurgansky, Dianne Bruce Dunklau, Dawn O'Keefe Williams, Dave Weld, Steve Klein, Eric Schelkopf, Geoff Trubow, Glenn Noble, Leslie Keros, Estela Ponce', Brian K. Read, Larry Schara, Pierre Lacocque, Rex Bartholomew, Steve Jones, Mark Thompson, Harvey Tillis, Tom Smith, Greg Easterling, Jeff Johnson, Moe Taib, Roman Sobus, Kevin Purcell, Beverly Zeldin-Palmer, Robin Zimmerman, Terry Abrahamson, Al Finley, Howard Greenblatt, Lee Ann Flynn, Mike Hoffman, Chris Edwards, Ronnie Swanson, Eric Kriesant, David Whiteis, Peter Hurley, Jim Summaria, Mark Plotnick,  Dave Specter

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