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HOT SHOW - April 1: Kinsey Report at Hey Nonny

Hey Nonny (Arlington Heights, IL)

The Kinsey Report

Two Shows: 7:00 PM (Doors 6 PM) & 9:00 PM (Doors 8:30 PM) Reserve tables now!

The Kinsey brothers, vocalist/guitarist Donald, drummer/vocalist Ralph, and bassist/vocalist Kenneth, enjoyed enormous success throughout the 80s and 90s recording, and touring first with their late father, Lester “Big Daddy” Kinsey, as Big Daddy Kinsey and the Kinsey Report, and then on their own. The Kinseys arrived on the blues scene in 1985 with a winning formula, joining forces with their father to create a signature sound that mixed the traditional with the contemporary. Big Daddy’s rich baritone vocals, slide guitar and harmonica playing reflected his Mississippi Delta roots, while the younger Kinseys added reggae, rock, gospel and soul to the mix. Driven by Donald’s soulful vocals and impassioned guitar playing, and the tight, in-sync rhythm section of Ralph and Kenneth, the Kinsey Report created a singular sound that caught the attention of blues fans worldwide.

Stormy, guitar-driven, up-to-the-minute Chicago blues. Billboard



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